We have high expectations about behaviour and conduct in our academy. We are committed to promoting good behaviour, which underpins a climate of safety. We believe that good behaviour needs to be carefully developed throughout the academy.

We believe that young people learn best when they are clear about what is expected of them and are clear about what they are supposed to do. Having a consistent system throughout the academy means that children are fully aware of what is expected.

The ‘RESPECT’ word is there to protect these basic rights. These rules are prominently displayed both in each classroom and all around the school.

Respect each other, adults and school equipment

Environment – look after it

Shine brightly – work as hard as you can

Polite and positive behaviour

Enthusiasm – encourage others

Come to school on time and ready to learn

Travel around school quietly and sensibly

We expect everyone at Deeplish Primary Academy to:

1. Create an ethos of good behaviour in school where children are happy, secure and safe, that reflects

our commitment to ‘Excellence and Enjoyment’.

2. Ensure that all are treated fairly, shown respect and to promote good relationships.

3. Help children lead disciplined lives and to understand that good citizenship is based upon good behaviour.

4. Build a school community which values, kindness, care, good humour, good temper, obedience and

empathy for others.


Our Behaviour Policy outlines our expectations and sanctions.

Click here to read the Academy’s Behaviour Policy.

The Academy’s anti-bullying strategy can be found here. 20170312 Anti-Bullying Policy