Phonics is the teaching of reading and writing by learning the sounds that letter make.

In Deeplish Primary Academy phonics is taught daily for 40 minutes from Reception until Year 2.


As a school we have decided to teach phonics using the Ruth Miskin  programme Read Write INC.

The programme consists of the children learning a new sound everyday, they use this sound when segmenting and blending words. They then use these words through dictation to compose simple sentences.


The scheme then introduces a reading book which corresponds to the sound that is being learnt. The children have the opportunity to practise reading the book in pairs developing their knowledge of identifying graphemes within a word and blending unfamiliar words using their phonic knowledge.


The school has made excellent progress in phonics this year by increasing  the percentage of children passing the phonics screening check.


2015 – 69% pass rate

2016 – 78% pass rate


The teaching of phonics has made a big impact on the children’s ability in both reading and writing.

Reception Phonics


 In Reception our daily Reception phonics lesson we introduce the children to Set 1 sounds emphasising the pure sound so that children will be able to blend sounds into words easily.


Please click on the picture to watch a guide on how to say the set 1 sounds.


The children work in 5 small, differentiated groups. In each phonics session, the children say, read and write the new sound.

They learn simple rhymes to help them form the letter.


a – Round the apple, down the leaf.

Please click on the picture below for a full lists of rhymes in order to help your child for their letters correctly





Key stage 1 Phonics










 Year 1 Phonics Screening Check


At the end of the year 1 the children will complete a national phonics screening check.


The check consists of 40 words, some of which are real and some of which are fake.

The children will need to segment the words identifying the digraph within the word and blending the word back together.

Last year the pass mark for this test was 32/40

If your child does not pass the phonics screening check then they will need to repeat this in year 2.

If you would like to look at some sample materials and past tests please click here