The Academy follows planning from Maths No Problem, which has a heavy focus on promoting mathematical conversations through collaboration. We believe this is of benefit to our children as it will enable them to deepen their mathematical understanding.

The focus on high quality stimulus for discussion and breaking learning down into small steps will also ensure teaching is progressive with the correct pitch and challenge for all children. Children will also have time to consolidate their learning through basic skills and number facts objectives, which have been plotted out into the long term plans.

To support the children’s learning and staff development we use the Maths No Problem programme. For further information about this click here.

To read an overview of how maths is taught click on the document below

Maths at Deeplish

Maths in EYFS

Y1 Scheme of Work

Y2 Scheme of Work

Y3 Scheme of Work 

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Y5 Scheme of Work 

Y6 Scheme of Work